Bosch Derwent CCTV

Today’s surveillance systems demand 24/7 effectiveness a complete range of infrared and visible white light security lighting for CCTV, Derwent Illumination is field proven in critical security applications worldwide to enable unrivalled night-time image capture.

* Complete range of LED and long life quartz halogen bulb based illumination

* Even Illumination across the cameras entire field of view

* Patent pending illumination technology

* Low power consumption for greener, more environmentally friendly lighting

* Semi covert and covert infrared options prevent light pollution and enable undetectable night-time surveillance

* Visible white light acts as a deterrent to criminal activities

* Suitable for internal and external surveillance

* Enables the optimum night-time performance of analogue and megapixel cameras, IP platforms and video analytics

24/7 Effectiveness.

Bosch Derwent CCTV