How It Works

IP Networking Video

Based on IP protocol, Scanzone Network Video products have the advantage of being able to directly and seamlessly connect to a whole range of wired and wireless Ethernet devices. The Scanzone surveillance units feature the very latest in proven surveillance technology providing ease of use, installation and excellent total cost of ownership.

The Scanzone system is IP based. This makes it transport agnostic and can be used in conjunction with license-free radio equipment or high frequency licensed-based radios as well as fibre, DSL and other IP based technologies. It has also been design to integrate with existing secure systems ie. Police or Military.

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the most commonly used computer communication protocol used today. It is the base protocol used for Internet communication such as e-mail, web and multimedia. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it can be applied to small scale projects just as easily as it can to very large ones and is supported by an increasingly wide range of high performance, low cost and industry proven equipment and technologies.

The units provide up to eight IP surveillance cameras and one PTZ IP Camera. The dome is climate controlled to allow it to operate in the most severe of climate conditions. The video signals from the cameras are broadcast using the latest wireless technology to a central control room or hardwired through Fibre Optic cable.

The Scanzone demonstrates how its leading power brands can provide one complete solution for the CCTV industry and its customers. Scanzone is shaping the future with new technologies and concepts in security, which will revolutionise the future of CCTV.

Schematic of a City-Wide IP Network