Introducing the Scanzone

A Fully Air-Conditioned IP
Networking System.


The Scanzone can employ up to eight IP Cameras in a North, South, East and West array and one IP PTZ Camera in its climate-controlled fully air-conditioned pod which allows the unit to operate in all climatic conditions.

Based on IP Protocol, the Scanzone has the advantage of being able to directly and seamlessly connect to a whole range of wired and wireless Ethernet devices.

Continuous air-conditioning is delivered to the lower chamber of the Scanzone where it meets the dispersion disc from which convection forces expel the warming air back through the cooling chamber of the system, making it ideally suited for tough, arid, severely hot and humid conditions.

Air Conditioning

A bespoke air conditioning unit has been developed for the Scanzone, this is a heavy duty micro packaged air-conditioning heat pump which provides the necessary optimum cooling and heating in all climates. The heat pump unit has been specifically engineered for the warmest temperate climate, hot desert/high ambient temperatures up to +65°C to provide cooling to the camera enclosure (Pod) and for heating the Pod in freezing temperatures of -30°C. The air is distributed evenly throughout the Upper chamber and the Pod ensuring that all of the electrical components maintain their life cycles.

A special rotary compressor incorporating the latest technological developments in compressor technology uses electronic radial motors without brushes to reduce power absorption and power input, as the unit was specially developed to cater for the high ambient temperature conditions.

The entire heat pump is enclosed in a corrosion resistant stainless steel AISI 304 enclosure, with high-efficiency cross grooved copper coils, curved aluminium fins and with hydrophilic treatment to cope with severe site locations where sand atmospheres are the norm. These enhanced coils are designed in order to avoid or reduce fin obstruction (e.g caused by sand particles in the rang .065 mm or greater).

The unit incorporates a state of the art microprocessor controller to automatically monitor all temperatures, high/low pressures and alarms. The unit is programmed and changed to suit the specific customers needs and is programmed to follow the internal temperature versus the dry bulb external temperature demand and therefore adapts automatically by predictive logic to avoid energy waste.

The unit is Ethernet based, allowing the customer to monitor the units performance online and adjust the temperature settings if required without physically having to carry out a site visit. A special sand-free coil washing facility (optional) is available, if required.

How it works - IP Network Video >


The Scanzone will integrate with Wireless Bridge Technology to create reliable links between each Scanzone and the control centre. For use in Border Control Security, Airports, Car Parks, Hospitals, Shopping Precincts etc.


Cameras and Lens

The latest Cameras and Lens from Axis, Pelco and Bosch.


How it Works - IP Network Video

Based on IP protocol, Scanzone Network Video products have the advantage of being able to directly and seamlessly connect to a whole range of wired and wireless Ethernet devices. The Scanzone has the very latest in proven surveillance technology providing ease of use, installation and excellent total cost of ownership

The Scanzone system is IP based. This makes it transport agnostic and can be used in conjunction with license-free radio equipment or high frequency licensed-based radios as well as fibre, DSL and other IP based technologies.